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At 24 years old I am still just a BDSM baby, but with my flaming red hair and personality to match, I am not one to be underestimated. Standing at five foot three and sporting a renaissance hour-glass figure, pale skin and blue-green eyes I look like I just leapt of a canvas. And the cherry on the top of this divine body are my wonderful natural breasts, mind they have nothing in common with a cherry. Measuring in at a fantastic Double J these Juicy-Jugs are guaranteed to be more than a handful. I can go from fun, bubbly and kind to cruel, heartless and wickedly creative faster than the crack of my whip.
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I am under the experienced tutelage of the Intense and Sensual Mistress Electra Amore, with 18 years experience, and the Unpredictable and Devine Goddess Gabrielle, with 10 years experience.
I am truly blessed to receive the gift of their combined knowledge, and I am looking forwards to advancing my skills and having a long and enjoyable career in the industry.

In my training at The Fetish Palace I have improved on my talents and learnt many new skills and now for the final quarter of my training I am ready to take on sessions in a few of my favourites.

-Rope Work
-I love my rope so regardless of if you are a rope bunny who melts as you are decoratively tied, or the Houdini’s who takes every knot and loop as an extra challenge. Or maybe you are just after a bit of fun I always get a giggle out of some predicament bondage.

-Human Canvas
-Give me a day notice and I am ready to put on my beret and go all da’Vinci on your ass, Literally. Wether I tie you up or I strap you down I then can set about turning your body in to my canvas as I run my brush over your skin and turn you into a BDSM masterpiece ready for display. I have an extensive set of world standard body art paints and supplies.

-Body Worship
-From the top of my head to the tips of my toes there is not a single square inch of my body that does not deserve of worship and adoration.

-CBT and Nipple Torture
-Here imagination is key and you could not imagine what I will do to your delicate jewels just so I can have a bit of a laugh as you squirm and yelp. I will leave how up to your imagination… for now.
Available Mondays, Tuesdays and every second Saturday
pricing start at $150 Booking essential

Call or Email to make a booking or enquiry. Remember your manners and a question unasked is the only kind of stupid question.

Keep Dreaming

Summer Storm

0417 069 640

Posted 2013

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