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Hi gentlemen,

Living Barbie doll – Barbie Berrie believes now is the time to explore her sexual journey. Barbie has decided to shed the pink corset and become Bondage Barbie.

On the outside it has seemed that Barbie and Ken Doll have been the perfect couple. Together they have built a beautiful doll house, they have a fully equipped camper-van, speed boat and of course Barbie has her horses and pink horse trailer but sadly for Barbie this has been all a show!

For a long time now Barbie and Ken Doll have been on different sexual journies. After intensive sexual fantasy counselling with renowned escort and psychiatrist both Ken and Barbie have decided to embark on an open relationship journey. Barbie believes that her relationship with Ken Doll will become even stronger by practicing open communication and experiencing their fantasies together.

“Its important for me that Ken Doll, experiences his sexual fantasies. I want to see Ken Doll happy, I don’t want to restrict him to my fantasies. This ultimately will bring us even closer together” says Barbie

Since counselling with escort and psychiatrist , Barbie and Ken Doll have come to a compromise. Barbie has agreed to help Ken Doll fulfill his Male – Male – Female fantasy by opening up their bedroom to another male who would like a MMF bisexual experience. On the other hand Ken Doll has agreed to help Barbie fulfil her fantasies to become Bondage Barbie.

Barbie has had an interest in BDSM for many years now but she has held back her fantasies because of her social standing in society and because of Ken Doll. Barbie has now decided its time to be herself, she has grown emotionally and mentally through Dr Red Berrie’s counselling sessions. Dr Red Berrie has worked through Barbie and Ken Dolls sexual fantasies and has helped them release and enjoy the materialization of their fantasies. Barbie has replaced her pink corset for black rubber and knee high boots, restraints and a flogger.

1.5 hr TRAINING SPECIAL THIS MONTH ONLY $1,000 depending on content of session.

Please Sms me at: 0416 906 116

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