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I am a lifestyle Dominatrix who has taken her pleasure to a professional level. My unique style of play is sensuous, erotic and playful. I enjoy the physical and psychological aspects of all things bdsm. In particular I love to use my wicked imagination to craft a session combining your interests along with what I enjoy so we can both get the maximum from our time together.

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I am a mature Mistress who takes pleasure in physical interaction and good communication with her clients.

If I’m not enjoying myself during a session I am quiet sure my client isn’t either. Bdsm is based on power exchange and mutual pleasure of both Dominant and submissive. This is how I like to play.

Over many years I have gained knowledge and experience in manyfetishes as the list below describes.

My finest skill is communication on many different levels and across all ages groups.

You maybe totally new to Bdsm and curious to explore. I will be able to guide you and put you at ease.

to make a booking ring Fetish House 03 544 8384

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