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I spent 18 years of my life as a hopeless virgin. I never had a girlfriend, never went on dates and had no social life. I was overweight, anti-social and quite frankly, wasn’t satisfied with my life. I was an angry chauvinist who would rationalize his own loneliness by blaming women while never looking at myself.

About two years ago, I decided I had enough of the mediocre lifestyle I was living and started to take action. I want control over my destiny as a man and take control of my life. I started going out consistently by going out 5 – 7 day and nights every week for the last year, learning how to approach women on the streets, bars and clubs. I’ve done it all and continue to push the limits and possibilities.

Throughout my journey I discovered natural methods of improving myself that made me significantly more attractive to women. I moved from a place of scarcity and depression, to inner freedom and abundance with women. I learned how to express myself with pride and connect with people on a deep level. Being successful with women is a journey that can be mastered by any one, not matter your looks, race, or age. You just need to give yourself the chance to do it.

On these bootcamps/mentorships I’m offering, I will present to you the most important key elements on how to live the dating life you always wanted, no matter what your goal is.

My bootcamps are customize towards all my clients and pricing always reasonable. Contact me for any questions or concerns.

Location: Toronto, ON
Instructor: Mars

Take care


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